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Episode 8: Nicole Marroquin

In September 2016, I was a resident at Ox-Bow where I met Weston Teruya, and we quickly found out we had a lot of shared interests- like Black power, solidarity movements and archives. 6 months later, Weston reached out to chat with me about a podcast on the Art Practical, and you can check out our conversation by clicking below....  

By Weston TeruyaApril 14, 2017

In this episode, we talk with artist and educator Nicole Marroquin about her creative and political research into Lower West Side Chicago student activist history from 1968 to 1973, youth arts education, and creating a public archive. Nicole’s exhibition with Andres L. Hernandez, Historical F(r)ictions, is on view at the Chicago Cultural Center through May 7th. 

Weston Teruya welcomes artists, arts administrators, and cultural workers of color to get real about their lives, practices, and careers. Each episode is an in-depth look into how art gets made, but more importantly how these folks are seeing to the system of art’s (UN)making.  Subscribe to Art Practical on iTunes to catch (un)making!

Future Homes accordion zine, by students at Benito Juarez, 2016

Future Homes accordion zine, by students at Benito Juarez, 2016

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