Dulce Pinzon! / by Nicole Marroquin

The work by Dulce Pinzon is amazing. Very interesting to me for a variety of reasons: it is participatory as well as about masking and icons, immigrants are the participants, and it is also about the economics of immigrant labor, not jargon or vague blaming. Note that one of the heros is El Santo. Also, my favorite is the delivery man named Noe. I also love the fit of the uniforms, the settings including the people in the backgrounds and the inclusion of how much $ is sent home and when. MEATY. I am a little uncomfortable about her diminunizing them- she says they are tiny- but their efforts are huge. Is that patronizing? I'll have to think on it a bit. The gigolo photo is moving.

I just started working on some shero masks so very timely, this new information.

Thanks, Redheadread for the tipoff. You have an eagle eye.