how to eat tacos / by Nicole Marroquin

there have been so many moments that i did not take pictures that i should have, but here, on my last night in town, i had a terrific lesson on how to eat tacos. luckily i was in an advanced group and we went directly to the final round, and we won!!

Still unpacking media, finding disks, wondering what i said on text messages in Spanish that made people stop talking to me, and wishing i was still in Mexico. I was trying to explain to friends why it was so good that I had massive unfulfilled plans there so that I would return.

Goodbye Sarita, Jossy, Carlos, Susana, Juan, Julio, Jasso (y los tres), Said, Charcko, Laura, Miguel, Donovan, Eric, Alfredo, Mooe, Ponk, Conejo, Mojdeh, Marvila, Dona Aurora, Alexis, Sixto, Martin, El Jarocho, and the two guys who told me where I was going in Iztapalapa when I was lost and beyond hope. You all took such good care of me. XOXO