san diego o o o / by Nicole Marroquin

As if looking perfect doesn't actually come from inside! I am amazed at the exquisite 99% perfect physical shape people are in here. Between colonics and bikram yoga people must be eating their natural fibre organic thongs or just having superior mental conditions. Or something. Where I come from, quitting smoking makes you a health nut.

It is still perfectly sunny and now it is 75 and breezy. sick! It was awesome at first but now I am getting disoriented and annoyed.

Yesterday we went to another level of hell in terms of wealth and plastic people: La Jolla. There we acquired the special battery for a camera and went to a film night at the contemporary art museum. The films were well curated (more than 20 in total) and the set up was very smart- 5 screening areas and you can walk from one to the other, like channel flipping. which we did. We had a fine meal, but all the while we were in this freaky place were everyone looked like Isadora Duarte de Montalvo.

This weekend we will be staying in Tijuana. We will attend a protest as OBSERVERS because we know that participating in any level of politics in Mexico is grounds for being banned permanantly from the country. (but officer, the personal is the political!) After this we will be hosted by people who live there and have graciously offered to host us for a night and give us some grande tours. I will keep my eyes peeled for any activity from the Elvira Arellano camp. For those who don't know, read up! It has been a real outlet for the racists. Awesome!

Tonight though, I am off to visit with a dear pal who is a sister in the struggle at UCSD, also in her 3rd year as a grad, also a single mother of a child the same age so she knows, and we will kick back and talk casual but hopefully also strategy for navagating the institution.

I hope to hit a flea market tomorrow in San Ysidro. Is there any difference between a flea market and swap meet, aside from regional term? I say nay but please let me know if you know. This is a question for that librarian on NPR.

Still dealing with serious neck/face/arm pain. But clearheaded is best, I have decided.