reflection on B.C. 1 / by Nicole Marroquin

It's funny how breathtaking landscapes can make you feel, especially when it takes you by suprise. I didn't think that Tijuana was sandwiched between rolling hills, enormous skies, cliffs, mountains and overlooks into the Pacific ocean. It's rugged, no doubt, but it was so beautiful that it made me wonder about those big big things. The ones that people search for answers to. Sometimes this is why landscapes like this make me feel uncomfortable. I wonder how seeing this place and these people has changed the course of my life.

The places that were not developed were directly on the fault. There were a few places being built there but I heard the earth moves regularly, so only a long distance buyer would be so stupid. It is very noticable, the undeveloped areas. Trump is building near there, to give you an idea.

This is the van we drove to talk to some people about solidarity and the run. I felt safe when I saw that it was unmarked, except for this.

It was a good ride. This picture is taken from my copilot position. I was terrible at the radio job but that was a good thing because I was able to have some intense conversations with the friend who was driving. This guy knows a lot of things that I wanted to ask him about. He was the kind of person who might make you wish you were stranded somewhere for a few days so you could just HAVE those long conversations. But no time for idleness. He was on a mission.
These folks in the back were also from gabacholandia. I was told that the hosts brought me and A out there because we were artists and they knew artists would do something with what they saw. And that artists don't forget experiences like this. It was great to be recognized for this and to know people who think of artists as having a useful function. It's just not as common as it should be.