Holy Vlog / by Nicole Marroquin

Somehow this turned from a Blog into a Vlog. Now it takes more time to load and to see, so I thought I'd make an old-fashioned wordy post. An update, but less linear.

My work is making an about-face and the direction I was headed in- surveillance cameras and video- is going on hold or at least on the side for now. i need to concentrate on the objects I am interested in seeing. Yes yes, they will have built-in cameras for eyes and also might be under surveillance themselves, but it is not central. That we are living in a surveillance environment now in real life isn't central either. It is a thing we take for granted. The bodies I want to see get made will be players in this game of "security and safety" and being under surveillance themselves for being suspected criminals. Both.

Also, right now, I'd do anything to get my hands on the footage of Janet Jackson's boob flash/wardrobe malfunction from the superbowl. And I want to see how it looks next to britney's mtv music awards performance and the outrageousness of her not being skinny- the outlaw belly. the outrage a tittie and a belly caused! I want to put them in one object. boil it down a bit.

After saying all this, the dummy dummy camera project is still going on. They have been installed in public and will be installed in a gallery with tiny black and white monitors, connected by pieces of twine. the installation opens at the Work Gallery on Friday the 11th. Oh dear I have a lot to do. And some thesis thing, yah yah yah.