/ by Nicole Marroquin

Ricardo Dominguez reenacting a 1971 speech given by Cesar Chavez as part of Mark Tribe's Port Huron Project.

Artist doing reenactments has been on my mind. And now this. So that you can relive the moment in which we could FEEL like we were living in a moment that would lead to positive change. Cesar Chavez, Angela Davis, Stokley Carmichal. I am interested in Jeremy Deller and his reenactments and making museums of regular living things. fandom. being strange and living at your parent's house for a long time. Not unrelated to Karaoke and Phil Collins project The World Won't Listen.

I think the it's idea that we can relive the event- and authenticity is not an issue- and that gut feeling attaches us to love and humanity is what we want. And it feels good and exciting. Like eating or making music or fucking or laughing or teaching. and they are all reenactments, never the first time more than once, and we love feeling the same good over and over. We pursue that. Makes sense.