/ by Nicole Marroquin

Yesterday I was shopping for new socks that wouldn't make me embarassed while I was traveling. I think I found some. Someone asked me, WHO is the target audience for those socks??

I installed some work at the Gallery Project today and I think it is happy to be there. The paintings behind my piece are amazing. I can't wait to meet the person who painted them. Opening on Friday! In the background is this:

See it! Think it! (Superheroes)

I'm still puzzling about the socks. They are made in Taiwan for a company in New York. They were at a chain store I hadn't been to before called Kohl's. They were the last pair of this round of socks because they were lowest on the clearance ladder only above this other set of socks that were 90210 themed. My sister bought those. I became fixated and nothing else I tried on mattered. Once one of my grandfathers told me, watch out for those mustachioed Mexicans when you are in Mexico! The mustache means something. Who bought up the rest of these socks?!