/ by Nicole Marroquin

There is an arts festival going on here and I think it is a serendipity. Here is the short outline:

The symposium will have three general objectives:

1.- Gather together the electronic arts community, to activate certain processes based on its identification.
Observe, recognize, delimit, and describe the artistic practice that exists in Mexico around the electronic arts.
Induce joint reflection and exchange of ideas among the groups involved.
Present the most significant production of electronic arts in the international scene.
Propose some conceptualization and production guidelines to the national artists and collectives.
Analyze and criticize production tendencies registered inside and outside of the country.

2.- Promote a coming together of the communities and institutional organizations that conform the electronic arts scene in Mexico.
Offer the electronic artists a wider perspective on the uses and reaches of electronic technologies in the country.
Promote discussion on the role that arts and electronic media have in the cultural context of the country.
Give rise to contact zones between professionals of the arts with other areas of knowledge as a way to generate collaborative projects around the electronic media.
Make the proposals developed by the electronic artists circulate towards non-artistic venues in which the consumption of digital audiovisual production occurs.

3.- Make the theoretical approach of the festival circulate towards its participants and publics.
Bring about the emergence of a hospitable thought between communities.
Confront, communicate, blur, contaminate, create resonances in the various communities.
Give rise to the creation of a community.
Provoke irruption and enjoyment of the ludic and carnivalesque experience.
The symposium will be developed through three thematic vertical axes and one transversal axis

V1: Politics and public space
V2: Transdiscipline
V3: Play
T1: Complexity, action and appropriation

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