¿bueno? / by Nicole Marroquin

I am here.

I arrived and then needed to sleep for 12 hours. Sunday my host took me around the neighborhood, which includes UNAM, a huge campus where we walked and looked and discussed life. Also we went to a beautiful park that had volcanic rock cliffs, more than 10 soccer fields, an amusement park, playgrounds, bike paths, a train for kids and on and on. Really breathtakingly beautiful. We ate tortas the size of footballs. I spoke only Spanish for 12 hours and did not die. I found the exhibition at the MUCA, which I will return to today. But the best part was sitting in the grass in front of the huge library building watching the kids and the clouds and hearing about the political happenings on the campus.

I sleep under the watchful eyes of tiny dogs.

{ It is hard to talk specifics when I am still getting acclimated. I have simple goals today- not to get lost, to get some yogurt and to buy a toothbrush. }