open road / by Nicole Marroquin

A whole section of the Templo Mayor museum was dedicated to the original styles of ceramics and the changes that occurred with the new styles and techniques began to show up upon contact.

An 8 or 9´figure found at the Templo Mayor. Ceramics and in 3 sections.

Alfredo Arcos in his studio. A real ¨where did you get that &¬€~@Ǫ excellent job¨ story. He is the person who does the drawings for the Anthrology Museum. As in, he brings ancient powerful objects to his studio to make drawings of them for catalogs and researchers. He is an incredible person.

I have been busy making contacts. I met with an artist collective here which includes some electronic music and graffiti people, a rad feminist performance artist and a multi media visual artist. (SQUAT- direct reaction) a dance therapist translated. lots of new connections! I did some following up today and it is going as good or better than expected. But I have to say, emailing in Spanish and making plans via TEXT MESSAGING in Spanish has been a big challenge.

Also.... I got super excellent seats for LUCHA LIBRE!!!!!!!!! I am barely able to control my excitement. Tomorrow night it´s on. Mistico, the one and only.

Along with meeting with a very cool artist today in his studio (which overlooks the Templo Mayor (which are the pyramids of Tenochtitlan (which are the central temples of the Aztec empire))) I spent lots of time in the excavation site and in the museum trying to see the layers. Pyramids are generally built in layers.In several cases I have seen, when there is a new epoch or ruler, a structure is built on top oof or over the existing one. bigger is better and newer. the original is an armature, and not just in the structural sense. I am thinking of masks and layers and how one might activate the other or serve as an armature.

templo mayor, from the templo mayor museum, and the cathedral is behind it. note the rocks the cathedral is built with are taken from the pyramids it was built to cover.

wooo! party at Lascaux! or, this is what the national history museum THINKS happened at Lascaux. Quien sabe.