museo de artes populares. / by Nicole Marroquin

Ok, my mind is officially blown. This museum has such an amazing collection of ancient through contemporary work, including miniatures, sculptures made of gum, masks, metal, textiles and so on. i can only talk about a few things here at a time, because to review the entire exhibition would take books, which have already been written, so I won't trouble with it. This will come in 4 dispatches.

And we only made it to 2.5 floors out of 4.

This one is bigger that I could wrap my arms around. Like a giant heart. In the window you can see the lovely museum. The burn marks on this one are heavenly.

This is contemporary, but is done in a traditional majolica style. check out the silver trim. this is amazing in person.

The permanant exhibition includes contemporary pottery.

There are so many styles of ceramics that I have seen over the years from Mexico, and it seems like all of them originate in Oaxaca.

a 10 foot tall paper mache devil with terrific paint.