catch up report / by Nicole Marroquin

I will try to catch up here, but things are rolling along. I remade my secret camera purse. There is more than this to repòrt, but this is a start.

This is Sol. Laura, the performance artist I have been hanging out with told me she would introduce me to her friends at the tattoo shop she goes to. Dermafilia. Super good work going on there. I met some interesting people, and it led to a 12 hour fiesta. One guy is a photojournalist working in Michoacan and he was showing us fotos of small kids with huge guns. Rough stuff, but incredibly moving. Turns out that tattoo artists here also work in printmaking. Woodcut here has a really radical history, so it goes well with tat work. Think Jose Guadalupe Posada. Which in turn has a really interesting effect on the tat style. I was talking with Sol about art, and turns out he lived and worked on some organic farm in Ann Arbor. Small world. Also, he will be at a tattoo convention in Tijuana at the same time I am going to be there. Here he is gifting me a woodblock print of corn. Really great person.

Sol playing guitar and Laura singing at Muerto´s house.

Here we are at 6 am eating birria and pozole at Garibaldi. Muerto, Laura and Christian, and in the back is some movie blasting on the tv with Denzel Washtington and lots of shooting and yelling.

The mariachis en Garibaldi rock.

¡Pinche taxi!

Skeleton on the dashboard

Muerto has a very cute dog.

At 8 in the morning, De Dios.