Colectivos y mas / by Nicole Marroquin

This is one of the projects the collective I described below is working on. They hang out in a park where various groups of indigenous people, many young women, gather to be social. They are offering free photography classes to girls who are domestic workers. Said here is a member of the collective.

Laura is explaining her involvement in various arts collectives, and we have been talking about how some function with institutional support and others need to remain autonomous because of the nature of the work. Yesterday she got more good news about a grant for a research project with one group. It is a group of Interventionists which includes graf writers, political activists, tech people and performance artists. All social justice people. The kind of people who are fun, laugh a lot, like to have a good time, but also know how to write grants and work all night. They are a kind of dream team.

An historic moment of exchange in which detroit music and music from DF pass, mano a mano. There is more to tell on this, but for now, documentation.

The view from the window, Iztapalapa.