torture / by Nicole Marroquin

today i went to the torture museum. It was not what I expected, and there was this creepy church music blaring from an unknown location. It was in this super super old building in el centro and i was surrounded by happy couples. hmm. much of the exhibit seemed to be based on hearsay and almost everything in the exhibit was a repleca. Except this thing that looked like a speculum, which was original. torture devices. it was more like so-and-so´s speculation/fantasy. But overall it was good and gross. Light on the contemporary US military methods, though.

I also went to a magical place where Maya, CS3, finalcut and anything else you can imagine is $8. Later I went to a swank cafe to wait for a dear friend and electronic music freak to meet up and connect cameras under the table to copy some mini dvs of him performing live- a multimedia extravaganza- but my pinche phone died and now all i got is a plan to meet up with him later on monday.

i have also had to face the fact that the MUCA show is not going to open just because i keep going back. yesterday i was caught in the rain for over an hour and got mad and sad but came to the conclusion that EVERYONE but me knows that the show is closed till august.

5 more days, and i am booked up. sunday, teotihuacan. monday, graffiti people all day, media exchange and 2 interviews at night. tuesday, Frida. Wednesday, Anthro again, then pack up. Thursday, I get home to see my baby!