Continuous stream of information / by Nicole Marroquin

The sticker says something about taking it to the street when politicians talk smack. The artist on the right is Laura (of the Reaccion Directa Colectivo) and the artist on the left is a friend of hers who happens to be driving around Mexico right now with a radio transmitter. I asked him, are you licensed? No. what are your programs about? Science and health. He travels to remote communities and lives there for a while, playing science radio. Amazing.

The most remarkable thing about Coyocan is that it is packed with people on weekend nights until very late. there is live music, performances of all kinds, amazing food, tianguis, and KIDS everywhere. Safe and public. Behind the people in the back is the home, yes the actual house, of Hernan Cortez (the one and only) which casts another light on all the fun and games going on in the foreground. Most of the people I met and great things that happened on my trip happened in public space, on the street.

Parade costuming in Oaxaca looks an awful lot like things I have seen in New Orleans.

early on i went to this museum that had the most incredible paper mache work with enormous and fantastic displays of traditional work.