Ain't no particular type I'm more compatable with. / by Nicole Marroquin

Michfest provided me with the time and the space to relax and rejuvenate. This summer is packed! I was able to get charged up for another project and eventually the final year of grad school, and I am grateful for the time with my daughter. I am grateful for the utopic seperatist feminist community, even if it is not perfect, and only lasts a week. The nutloaf this year was almost perfect.

Lesbians on Ecstasy are an incredible freak-out of a good time. If you ever ever ever get a chance to see them, RUN, sisters. Run to see them. Be ready to shake it. They were great in the woods. They said they never came before because of the trans exclusion issue- which is keeping so many people from coming to the land. controversy! more on this and other highlights of fest coming soon. Technology breakdowns are keeping the photos from you. I still have the Lucha Libre photos on my phone. Bad Tech Lady! Shame.

The adventures continue. Tomorrow, Tijuana! stay tuned.