a pain in my neck / by Nicole Marroquin

Here in San Diego, gorgeous weather, great neighborhood, terrific apartment, I have been laid up in extreme pain blown out by muscle relaxants. If all goes well, tomorrow I will begin to tackle my todo list. Otherwise, thank goodness for the lovely convenient place where I am.
I had a puzzling conversation with my doctor on the phone about why I could not have more than 1.5 days of muscle relaxants when I have not slept for the pain in 2 nights. He said I might abuse them. Hello. I am 15 minutes from TJ. Why am I being shamed for going the legit route? Well, I am not going for sainthood, but I would like to not be wincing and walking like frankenstien.
In other news: Destilando Amor is 2 weeks ahead in DF. In other words it is behind in A2. Here it is on a Tijuana television station, and I find out that la Gaviota is Rodrigo's aunt. Here is mas escandalo!