/ by Nicole Marroquin

Here is a picture post, in no particular order.

layers and layers of things. masks upon masks.

Universidad Nacional Autonimo de Mexico is building a HUGE enormous contemporary art museum on campus. It is right next to the Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas where I met up with people I needed to talk to just as they were packing their bags to walk out the door for a month long summer break. !! muy buena suerte.

Nearly every block has an altar. They are cement and built into the wall. this one is so beautiful.

there is this wall, and i will need to ask around to find out what it is, but it trails behind this sculpture on the left side. it is also near the IIE and there were all these punk kids smoking and looking cool there. it's a pretty remote location to go to smoke and look cool, but walking along the dangerously high rock wall next to mountains and deep ravines was pretty cool. i chickened out and sat down and tried not to die of fear of heights.

across the street from my host's home. it is what i am thinking about. how it might look crazy, but doggone, it works!

I am meeting really nice people, and today when i was walking, lost down the street, someone said, hi! i remember you! I was found.

I was gifted, generously, a book documenting the year that this colonia was built in, and let me say, it has a lot of pictures of women (and grannies) carrying huge rocks. In it is also people I have met, the woman Doña Aurora who cooks in the community kitchen where I have been eating, my host, Carlos, and my "informants," Julio and Oscar. Also, photos of bandas, including punk female groups!

There is no end to the good stuff. Tomorrow, El Chopo and the Zocalo (and the Metro for the first time, which costs 2pesos. yes, 20c to ride.