/ by Nicole Marroquin

This was the theme for my day. I had specific goals but spent most of the day wandering around wondering where i was. Enjoyable but tiring.

sometimes the weather here is intense. but the drama is pleasing to me.

there is a guy here who dresses up as a wrestler, Super Barrio, and he raises awareness, is a fighter for social justice (and Obrador) and a man of the people. There was a huge exhibition of his work, photos and wrestling posters that were very very clever. This photo made me think of Marta y la Brigada.

The museum of the Mexico City was an accidental find, and inside, I got my fill of maps and guides. if you click on this image you can see the key. pretty amazing.

here is where Cortez's woodcut fits. this is a huge floor map that is lit up. superbien.

this is a map which was part of a display on the city's water system. i will spare you from my long sortof obvious list of questions about this.

here a chicken will serve you chicken. cannibal chicken. traitor chicken.